Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Drove out to Woodinville today and it felt a little like I'd gone on vacation. The weather report was calling for a high of 72, but by the time I left there this afternoon is was 78 and rising. Gloriously sunny, light breeze blowing, and I felt so lucky to live here as I drove past Chateau St. Michelle and Columbia Winery, and then Red Hook Brewery, on my way to The Herbfarm and Barking Frog.

I chatted with Ron Zimmerman of The Herbfarm about their 100-mile dinner because I'm planning on a sidebar in the book about it. EVERYTHING they use in that dinner comes from within 100 miles. We're talking the SALT, the oil, even the tea. No coffee grows around here so they even came up with a brew of roasted dandelion, roasted chicory, and madrona bark that really tasted (and looked) like coffee. I was curious as to what inspired the dinner, since most of what The Herbfarm prepares comes from not too far beyond that border. "The challenge!" Ron replied.

Then I met with Bobby Moore at Barking Frog. I wished I didn't have to head back to the city to take my kids to swimming lessons ;-) because a glass of wine on their grapevine-shaded patio, where the sound of a trickling fountain masks every sound but the birds sure would have hit the spot. Bobby is obviously so happy doing what he's doing, where he's doing it, his enthusiasm is contagious.

And I get to call this "work".

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