Sunday, November 8, 2009

My family is eating well

My 2-year-old twins are far from identical, and over the last few weeks I've learned that even their palates are incredibly different. Turns out that one of them loves chanterelles, cayenne pepper and goat brie. The other one's eyes water at their mention. But if it only takes ten tries to learn to like something, we are well on our way to adding things like truffle oil, celeriac and jalapenos to our family meal repertoire. I may rue the day...

In the meantime, I'm loving all the recipe testing. And for the most part, so is the rest of my family. My husband can spot a "test" from across the room. If the plate is beautiful he asks where it comes from. I'm too excited and proud to be insulted.

I am so grateful to all the chefs who've contributed recipes so far, and I know that the farmers I'm writing about will be truly honored. This weekend I made a cake from Macrina using beautiful Clara Frijs pears from Booth Canyon Orchard. I think it's a marriage made in heaven. The pears were so sweet even though they were still crunchy, so they held their shape beautifully while the cake baked, but turned practically to custard. I took a big hunk to the market on Saturday, and was glad to be able to give it to John at Booth Canyon in the middle of a torrential downpour.

In addition to the recipe from Leslie Mackie at Macrina, I've been following recipes from Bobby Moore at Barking Frog, Chester Gerl at Matt's in the Market, Maria Hines at Tilth, Jeffrey Wilson at Table 219, John Howie at Seastar, Ericka Burke and Heather Earnhardt at Volunteer Park Cafe, Angie Roberts at BOKA Kitchen & Bar, Brittany Bardeleben at Betty, Lisa Dupar at Lisa Dupar Catering and Pomegranate, Charlie Durham (formerly at Cassis and Sand Point Grill), Walter Pisano at Tulio, Sabrina Tinsley at La Spiga, and Danielle Custer at TASTE at SAM.

A couple of weeks ago my 5-year-old was at a birthday party. On offer for lunch was an assortment of meats and cheeses and other sandwich fixin's. He wanted to know if there was any Idiazabal. Warms the cockles of my heart. (And thanks to Chester Gerl for introducing us to it!)

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