Tuesday, May 10, 2011


When I'm chomping at the bit waiting for summer to arrive and there are all sorts of stalls at the farmer's market selling things that did not grow, it tends to make me grouchy. It's May already, and still gray, and still cold, and still wet, and July is feeling VERY far off. But last week I stopped for a sample at a stall called "jonboy caramels," and all I can say is thank goodness there was space for them. I tried their absinthe & black salt caramels, and didn't even hesitate before handing over $9 for an itty bitty box - I thought they'd make a nice gift for my father, who loves licorice. They're soft and buttery and packed with flavor, and they have black salt crystals embedded in them - just enough for the occasional crunch and a bit of a pucker.

Of course I got home and noticed that they are "best by" June 3, and I won't see my parents before that, so what could I possibly do except eat them myself and make a note to get a box closer to their next visit? If you live in Seattle, hunt these down: http://jonboycaramels.com/.

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