Friday, August 10, 2012

Speaking of Domestic Goddesses...

I was lucky enough to somehow convince Heather Earnhardt, Baker Extraordinaire, to demonstrate her luscious Huckleberry Pie (page 157) at Book Larder this past week. I was there to talk about Washington Food Artisans, but everyone else was there to eat Huckleberry Pie (and rightly so!).

If you live in the Seattle area, and you haven't been to Book Larder, and you are even remotely interested in cooking or cookbooks, you should check it out. The space is beautiful, and they have an amazing calendar of events. I was truly honored to be included. They made Dinah's Cheese with Caraway Onions (page 69, by Mark Fuller of Ma'ono) to nibble on while Heather was making pie, and Heather had made a pie earlier that she brought along for tastes. I also made Apricot Sorbet (page 123, by Adria Shimada of Parfait), so the event felt like a delicious party.

Heather is warm and funny, brimming with fun and personality, and it's obvious watching her work that she puts her whole self into everything she does - no wonder it all turns out so delicious. She's getting ready to open her new cafe, The Wandering Goose, on Capitol Hill, and I can't wait. Turns out I'm a well-trained fan of Heather's - every time I drive down 15th Avenue East (which is often) I get a serious hankering for a great big wedge of brown sugar caramel cake, a giant buttery cookie, or a super-decadent macaroni and cheese. I just have to be patient.

Heather talked a little about how she learned her way around the kitchen by watching her grandmother. With just a Hotpoint oven, a Sunbeam mixer, and not a single written recipe, Heather's grandmother would turn out elaborately decorated wedding cakes and other celebration cakes for everyone in town. That talent, dedication, and generosity of spirit is very much present in Heather. She's a lot of fun to watch in the kitchen, so when she starts offering classes at The Wandering Goose, go!

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